Grönroos strategic competition perspectives: the case of pizza delivery

Artigo publicado na POMS 20th Annual Conference, realizada em Orlando, EUA, entre 1 e 4 de maio de 2009



This paper discusses the strategy implemented by a group of companies, aiming to verify the adoption of a service strategy, in comparison with other 3 types of company strategy mentioned by Grönroos (2004): product, price or image. Beginning with a theoretical study about service strategy, comparing different propositions of authors related with service marketing and service management, Grönroos model was selected as a basis to analyze strategies adopted by pizza delivery companies in the city of Natal. All pizza delivery companies in Natal had their data collected and analyzed, totalizing 25 organizations. To analyze data the techniques used were cluster analysis and discriminant analysis. Results show how the different companies balance strategy, or not, prioritizing offered product quality, price, image or an approach for customer service


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Grönroos strategic competition perspectives: the case of pizza delivery